Welcome to DIY Boatyard and Storage

We pride our facility as a place for DIYers to work on their own boat repairs at reasonable rates.  We believe that affordable boating allows the boating industry to grow and keeps the dream of boating alive!

DIY Boatyard and Storage offers simple, affordable fees for DIY boat repairs and boat storage.  DIY does not charge for owner-hired subcontractors and there are no hidden fees.  This keeps the control of the boat restoration project in the hands of the boat owner.  No rocket science here!  Clear-cut and trouble-free so you can complete your boat work at a reasonable fee and get back in the water.


Hauling your boat out is hassle free.  We work closely with a professional crew that provides friendly, knowledgeable service to customers.  They work with precision, calculating every move when hauling out boats.

The travel lift can accommodate up to 75 tons which will haul your boat out of the water.  Then the transporter handling boats up to 44 tons, will deliver your vessel to DIY Boatyard.  The crew will then securely block up your boat.

Boat Restoration and Repair Services

In case there are a few boat repairs in which you require help from professionals, various sources are available.  DIY Boatyard is located in a marine industrial park.  There are many boat repair professionals available on the premises for fiberglass boat repair, boat painting, boat cleaning and various other marine related services and products.

If you need boat cover for boat painting, etc. we do have a boat tent available for rent.  The dimensions are 40’ x 70’ with a clearance of 33’.  Please call to check for availability.


DIY has room for outside boat storage and more.  Boat supply storage is available in either 20’ or 40’ shipping container storage units.  We also offer other storage solutions.  This can be beneficial if you are on the move cruising on your boat and need storage space for related vehicles, etc.

Contact us for more details and pricing!